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Patchogue Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers

Experienced Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys in Patchogue, NY

Patchogue drunk driving accident lawyerPalermo Law has the skill and experience to make sure you are fully compensated for injuries sustained in a drunk driving accident and to hold those at blame accountable for their actions. Reach out to one of our Patchogue Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers for help.

Drunk Driving Accident in Patchogue

Our County holds the unenviable position of having the most drunk driving collisions in the state of New York. According to a 2014 NBC report, the period between 2010 and 2012 saw the county have more than 3500 accidents where alcohol was a factor – the second-ranked county was Nassau, with less than 2400. Drunk driving is a real problem here, and unfortunately, the consequences of that activity can be life-changing. Patchogue is no exception with many people visiting our community for the nightlife that the Village has to offer. Unfortunately, some people aren’t responsible and drive on our roads in an intoxicated condition.

In the event that you incur injuries as a result of someone else driving while intoxicated, there are a number of different parties that could be held at fault: the driver, the bar, restaurant, or club that served them to the point of impairment, and the operators of other vehicles involved also driving negligently, for example. This can make pursuing a case incredibly complicated, particularly as insurance companies tend to try to underpay wherever possible.

The lawyers at Palermo Law can help. We have almost three decades of experience in handling this type of case and can cut through the complications to make sure you get compensated fairly and in a timely manner.

Remember – in addition to ensuring that you are not left out of pocket for medical expenses associated with your injuries, it is also important to send a message about drunk driving. The next person that meets your drunk driver may be even more drastically impacted: the practice needs to stop.

How Can We Help?

The team at Palermo Law will handle all elements of taking your drunk driving case forward, including:

Accident Investigation

We will gather all available evidence pertaining to the crash – including photos, video footage, witness statements, police accident reports, and any other information.

Identifying Insurance Companies and Making Claims

Your Patchogue drunk driving accident lawyer will find the details of the insurance companies for each party involved. Your claim will be filed wherever necessary, and we will also keep in contact with the insurers to ensure that any developments with your case or situation are noted and handled appropriately.


When you have recovered from your injuries, we will enter into negotiations with the insurance companies. Our aim here is to get you the maximum compensation possible without having to litigate the case in court, if possible.


If we can agree on a compensation figure that is fair, then we will draft the settlement documentation and deliver it to the insurers. Then, we will gather your settlement funds and distribute them to you.


In the event that we cannot negotiate a settlement that we believe fairly values your injuries, then we will move the case forward through litigation. This includes all the steps of discovery up to and including an in-court trial –while we make every effort to resolve your case through settlement, you can rest assured that you are in good hands should a trial be necessary. Our litigation team is highly experienced and will represent you with passion and diligence.

How Much Compensation is Available for a Patchogue Drunk Driving Accident?

The amount of compensation you could be entitled to depends on the specific details of your case. There are, however, three key steps that need to be taken for any compensation to be available:


This refers to the blame or responsibility for the crash. As your lawyers, we will need to be able to clearly demonstrate that the other person in the accident was at fault. To give you an example – if the driver was intoxicated and failed to stop at an intersection, then they are to blame for the car accident. However, if you were to run a red light while sober and hit the car of a person who was drunk, then you would be at fault and, therefore, unable to claim any damages. In short, the intoxication must be proven to have caused the accident.


Damages can be split into two categories – economic and non-economic. The first of these is fairly easy to calculate as it refers to the actual costs of your out of pocket expenses (medical bills, lost wages, repairs to your vehicle, etc.). Non-economic losses, on the other hand, can be more complex, as they can include emotional damage (pain and suffering) as well as the ‘cost’ of not being able to continue with your lifestyle: for example, if you can no longer enjoy your hobbies. It can also include items such as mental anguish and anxiety disorders related to your situation.

At Palermo Law, we have been dealing with these types of cases for many years. As a result, we have the experience to calculate these losses accurately.


Making the claim against the responsible party and calculating how much compensation is fair is only part of the process. The responsible party also needs to actually be in a position to pay those damages – That is why we do a thorough investigation into all sources of insurance. That includes not only the driver of the vehicle’s insurance, but any other responsible party. For example, if the intoxicated driver was overserved at a bar, we will pursue a claim against the bar, as well.

Contact a Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer in Patchogue Today

If you have been involved in an accident where the other party was intoxicated, then you need to reach out to Palermo Law today. We have seven locations throughout Long Island, including our office right here in Patchogue:

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Our team will always offer you a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your case, and we can also meet with you at your home, work, or in the hospital if you are unable to make it into one of our offices. Weekend and evening appointments are available on request.