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Enjoy the Holidays and Drive Safely

Family get-togethers are the highlight of Thanksgiving. While the days of riding in horse driven carriages “over the river and through the woods” belong to the last century, travel is still an issue. We pile into our cars, go the distance, and arrive at Grandma’s to enjoy roast turkey with all the trimmings. We have much to be grateful for and devoting a day to give thanks is a treasured American tradition.

Part of the celebration often includes having a few drinks, whether cocktails, glasses of wine, dessert liquors or a few beers during the Thanksgiving football games. Although it’s great to celebrate the occasion, it’s also smart to put some safety guidelines in place so you don’t end up drinking and driving. You should either designate a driver who abstained from alcohol or spend the night and leave the next day.

Drinking and driving isn’t the only safety factor to consider with holiday driving. The American Safety Council  recommends the following safety tips for holiday travel:
Allow extra driving time. Invariably, you encounter more traffic than usual during holiday travel. Consider leaving a day early or least several hours earlier than the normal drive requires, so you don’t stress about being late. For long distance travel, make sure your vehicle is travel worthy before heading out on the road.
Alternate travel days. Whenever possible, leave a day ahead and avoid holiday traffic. Also, add an extra day to avoid traffic when returning home. In addition to traveling during less traffic congestion, it will give you extra time to be well rested. Use a GPS for alternate traffic routes when traffic information indicates a better way to go.
Check weather reports. When meteorologists forecast hazardous weather conditions, make the necessary travel delays to avoid getting caught in treacherous road conditions.
Avoid distracted driving. Give cell phones and texting a break while driving to your destination. Holiday traffic and distractions are a dangerous combination.

Be safe.

Enjoy the Holidays and Drive Safely