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How The Economic Rise Has Made Daily Life More Dangerous

In light of the tragic car accident that occurred recently in Riverhead which left numerous casualties in its wake, we really want to touch upon how dangerous the roads are becoming. And, why. US traffic fatalities have gone up a staggering 9% in the first half of 2016 in comparison to the same time last year. An estimated 19,100 individuals lost their lives from just January to June. Roughly 2.2 million people were also injured in car accidents during this time. Tragedy after tragedy, something needs to change.

The National Safety Council has stated that the rise in the economy is at “the core of the trend”, and it makes sense. It’s simple: with more people on the road, there’s a much graver potential for accidents to occur. At this rate, the National Safety Council predict an expected 40,000 deaths due to car accidents in the US, making 2016 the deadliest driving year since 2008.

And this isn’t the only time in history where we’ve observed economic rise correlate with a rise in traffic accidents. The council also predicts that over the upcoming Labor Day weekend, beginning on Friday, September 2nd, “438 people will be killed on the nation’s roads.”

So, in light of all this evidence, we believe it’s time for some sort of change. The entire country is experiencing this problem. And Long Island has some pretty dangerous roads and intersections that require attention. The New York State Department of Transportation plans to increase safety measures on the notorious turn at the intersection of Makamah Road and Fort Salonga Road, which has taken 2 young lives this year and critically injured 2 others.

Finally, a very close friend of the individuals involved in the first accident, Zoe Berger, spoke out. “I believe there should be more guardrails, lighting and possible warning signs for the speed in which people are driving on this turn,” she said. We believe she did the right thing by speaking up. We truly applaud her for her bravery, and are so very sorry for her loss as well as the families of the victims involved in the crash. The New York State Department of Transportation decided to make this dangerous turn safer.


We can’t just wait for tragedy upon tragedy to occur at these dangerous spots on the road. We have to recognize them for what they are – life threatening. And we need to speak up – for ourselves, and for each other, as a community. It’s not just drivers who face danger on Long Island roads without the proper safety systems in place to alert us. Here’s a list of the top ten most dangerous roads for pedestrians on Long Island, courtesy of the Tristate Transportation Campaign:

Our outcries could save lives before they’re taken. As a caring Long Island Personal Injury Law Firm, we stand behind the opinion that it’s not only up to the New York State Department of Transportation to know how to keep us fully safe. We need to voice our own concerns. Contact the New York State Department of Transportation if you feel a road is unsafe and deserves their attention. As the economy rises and roads become more congested, these accidents, injuries and deaths are projected to increase all over the US. We’re responsible for our own safety and the safety of the community. We need to learn safe driving tips and let go of our complacency. A lot of Long Island roads are dangerous.

Our heartfelt thoughts go out to all the families who’ve lost loved ones as well as the individuals injured in these tragic car accidents.