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Long Island Man Driving Lamborghini Dies in Single Car Run-Off-Road Crash

Port Jefferson, Long Island Car Crash

CBS New York reported that Glen Nelson, age 48, who lived in Belle Terre died in a crash when his Lamborghini left the road Sunday afternoon around 3:40 p.m. His car hit a pole. After police arrived at the scene, he was transported to Saint Charles Hospital in Port Jefferson where the hospital staff pronounced his death. Police impounded the vehicle as part of the accident investigation.

We are all saddened by such tragedies and ask ourselves, how could something like this happen?
A report by the National Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) provides some facts that shed light on causes of fatal single vehicle, run-off-road (ROR) accidents. Here are a few facts and factors often involved:

  • About 70% of single vehicle accidents are ROR accidents.
  • Drivers with alcohol use are more likely (86.5 %) than sober drivers (58.3 %) to be involved in ROR crashes.
  • Speeding vehicles are more likely (90%) to be involved in ROR crashes than non-speeding vehicles (59.5 %).
  • Curved road segments are more often scenes for ROR crashes than straight roadways.
  • Rural roads are the scenes of more ROR crashes than urban roads.
  • ROR crashes occur most frequently on roads with higher posted speed limits of 60 mph or higher.
  • ROR crashes happen more often on roads with one or two lanes than roads with more lanes.
  • ROR accidents occur more often during adverse weather conditions such as rain, sleet, snow and fog.

Our Long Island attorneys  at Palermo Touhy Bruno hope you drive safely and avoid accidents as we enter into the holiday and winter season.