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Motorcycle Safety Tips

Motorcycle Safety Tips on all Roadways

The importance of safety cannot be emphasized enough when riding a motorcycle.

Consumer Reports points out that you are 30 times more at risk for dying in a crash on a motorcycle than when driving a car. Even so, some people ride their whole lives and never get injured.

Here are some safety tips that Consumer Reports lists as the top precautions to take when motorcycle riding:

  • Buy a bike that is suited for you. Today‚Äôs motorcycles are high-powered compared to bikes on the road several decades ago. Many are quite heavy and you should choose a bike that feels easy to handle.
  • Get a bike with antilock brakes. When brakes lock you lose steering control. IIHS reports that motorcycles with antilock brakes are 37 times less likely to be involved in fatal crashes than bikes without antilock brakes.
  • Drive skillfully. Take a motorcycle course that teaches the basic and advanced riding techniques. Learn maneuvers to evade and survive emergency situations and become a skilled rider.
  • Wear a helmet. Statistics show you are 40 percent less likely to experience either brain injury or header injury fatality when wearing a helmet.
  • Wear proper gear. Proper gear includes goggles or a helmet visor for eye protection, leather or reinforced jacket and bright colors so you are visible to other motorists.
  • Drive defensively. Watch out for vehicles pulling out in front of you, suddenly changing lanes or coming out of side streets. Never tailgate and avoid objects in the road that could make you lose control.
  • Do not drive in bad weather. Slick roads, rain, snow, strong winds and other bad weather are much more treacherous for motorcyclists than other motorists.
  • Be aware of roadway hazards. Unlike cars, any number of road conditions can be hazardous for motorcycles, including: gravel, sand, wet leaves, potholes, bumps and railroad tracks.
  • Keep your vehicle in top shape. Do a bike safety check each time before riding to make sure everything is working: lights, horn, signals, chain, belt, shaft, and brakes. Check for worn tires and ensure proper tire air pressure.

Motorcycle riding can be great fun when done safely.