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Tips For Keeping Your Car Safe From Thieves
Realizing that someone broke into your car and stole items of value, or worse, your car itself, is nothing anyone wants to go through. But it can happen to just about anyone, and almost everywhere. Mrytle Beach Police have given some tips on how to keep your car safe from car thieves. We’d like to reiterate them for our followers.

  1. Make sure to keep your car in a visible, well-lit area. Thieves are probably less likely to try to steal from a car that’s in plain view of the public.
  2. Always make sure your windows are completely shut and your doors are all locked. Leaving a car window cracked can allow car thieves to stick items inside your car and if they’re crafty enough, unlock it. If you’re having problems fully closing your window or locking any of your doors, get these problems fixed by a mechanic right away.
  3. Hide anything that’s valuable. Car thieves know exactly where to look for valuable items. And they may even act on impulse if they see an item of value sitting on your front seat. Either keep your valuable belongings with you, in the trunk, or in a cargo area with a retractable fitted cover over them.
  4. Hide them before you park. Car thieves will often wait in parking lots or on side roads to see if someone is hiding their valuables. If they see this, they’re likely to think your car can easily be broken into and has valuables that are easily findable. So, hiding your valuables before you set off might be your best option.
  5. Thieves know where you hide your keys. Don’t keep spare keys “above your visor, in the center console, under the floor mat, in the tire well and other places for a spare key.” The trick is simply old, and car thieves are onto it.
  6. Place some trust in your instincts. If you park in an area and witness something suspicious, something that triggers your instincts to park somewhere else, park somewhere else.

Most thieves play off of our complacency. Many of us tend to think nothing bad will ever happen to us. Others are always on edge. We suggest meeting that feeling somewhere in the middle. As always, stay safe.