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Smithtown Car Accident

On Sunday night, June 7, 2015, what caused Tiffany Aldughmy’s 2000 Honda Accord to leave the Jericho Turnpike, strike a fire hydrant, then a fence and a portable utility light and flip over?

According to the Smithtown Patch, this accident was serious with the 21-year-old driver being sent to the hospital and listed in critical condition. Detectives are investigating the accident and authorities impounded the vehicle. Fortunately, the female passenger only suffered minor injuries.

Dangerous road conditions, poor weather, tire blowouts or defective vehicles are all common reasons for motor vehicle accidents. Human error is frequently a factor — distracted driving (cell phone use and texting), intoxication, speeding or reckless driving can lead to serious accidents.

However, when injuries are serious and you are not at fault, you should seek legal counsel. Attorneys have access to investigators and traffic specialists, who can gather evidence, reconstruct the accident and determine the cause. Law firms can look into third party liability. Your New York no-fault insurance covers up to the policy’s limits. Unfortunately, expenses involved with catastrophic or serious injuries are typically extensive, and no-fault insurance is not adequate to cover them. However, New York law entitles you to seek damages when your injuries meet the serious injury threshold described under state statutes and another party is at fault. You have the right to sue a negligent party, and an attorney can discuss your accident and determine whether grounds exist to pursue a lawsuit.

Consultations to discuss accidents are free, and clients owe no fees unless we are successful in recovering damages on your behalf. If you are involved in a serious Long Island car accident or lose a loved one through drunk driving negligence, our attorneys can help.

In April, two drunk driving accidents occurred in Long Island, involving a husband and wife. The New York Post reported that a state trooper witnessed their jeep crashing into a GMC pickup truck on Grand Avenue in Baldwin. After leaving the accident scene, the trooper caught up with them in a Walgreen’s parking lot and discovered the vehicle had crashed into a utility pole there. The wife, Colleen Magner, caused the GMC pickup accident, but the husband, Scott Magner, ran the jeep into the pole. They were both charged with DWI.

Previously in March 2015, a tragic accident occurred in Smithtown as a result of drunk driving. According to articles published by Channel 7 ABC News and CBS New York, Long Island woman Natalia Simons was driving while intoxicated on Route 25. She lost control of her vehicle, which crossed over two lanes from northbound to southbound traffic, resulting in a head-on collision with driver Larry Garwood. Larry Garwood had just exited the St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center parking lot.
Natalia Simons admitted to officers she had been drinking and was charged with a misdemeanor DWI. Larry Garwood was pronounced dead, upon his arrival back to Catherine of Siena Medical Center in Smithtown, where he had worked as a radiologist and just finished his night shift. Simons suffered minor injuries, and in her criminal case, which was on the docket for April, she pleaded “not guilty.”
Larry’s wife is devastated by the loss of her husband. Meanwhile, the drunk driver alleges in court that she was not guilty of causing the accident. One of the greatest concerns you hear from surviving family members is how to prevent others from experiencing this type of loss. While no one can bring back the life of a loved one, you can seek compensatory justice through a personal injury lawsuit. Taking legal action is one type of deterrent to drunk driving.
If you are involved in a serious Long Island car accident or lose a loved one through drunk driving negligence, our attorneys can help.