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Erin Andrews Trial

Most people are aware of the Erin Andrews jury trial, which has gained high profile in the media. Sports Journalist, Erin Andrews is suing a stalker and the owner and manager of a Marriott hotel for $75 million.

Michael David Barrett pleaded guilty and served more than two years in prison for traveling across state lines to stalk and film Erin Andrews. On two different occasions, he drilled a hole in an adjacent hotel room and filmed her while she was naked. He also put the video of her online.

The New York Times reported that further abuse ensued as Andrews was accused of doing the film on purpose as a publicity stunt. CNN, where she worked as a sports journalist, made her sit down with them and refute the accusations before allowing her on the air again. She was also required to give a public interview about the incident. She chose to do it on the Oprah Winfrey show because Oprah had also been a victim of sexual abuse.

According to her testimony, she is a traumatized victim of a sexual predator, further punished by accusations and being made to relive the incident. Since the video went online, she has lived in fear of meeting people who will have seen the video and formed preconceived notions about her. Daily reminders of the incident have continued to stalk her. Seven years later, she has had enough and is suing.

The defense in the case argues that the videos helped her career by making her well known in the public eye. Andrews argues the Nashville Marriott staff could have stopped the man from filming her. The person at the desk should have phoned her room when a man asked what room she was in and requested a room next to hers. She claims that had she been told, she would’ve called the police.

Her case is built on a claim of negligence that led to emotional distress and invasion of privacy. Corporate defendants in her lawsuit are the West End Hotel Partners and Windsor Capital Group, which own and manage the Nashville Marriott. The court dismissed Marriott International as a defendant in the lawsuit.

Andrews gave a moving testimony, which you can view on video in The New York Times article. It is highly likely the jury will sympathize with her trauma caused by the filming and its appearance online.

Anyone who is a victim of wrongdoing should seek legal counsel. A civil litigation attorney can review the facts and advise the best legal course of action to protect your rights.