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Suffolk County Long Island Parents – Keeping Teen Drivers Safe

If you have teenage children, it can be a hair-raising experience when they’re learning to drive. Even after they acquire their driver’s licenses, finding peace of mind when they’re driving is tough. However, as parents, you can do something about their safety.

According to an article posted in, research indicates parents have considerable influence in keeping their teenage drivers safe. Establishing a balance between being too submissive and too dominating is crucial in making your role as a parent effective. Here are a few suggestions:

Engage in emotionally safe conversations. When your teens feel safe to talk, they will open up about problems and be receptive to your advice.

Delay car ownership. While owning a car is often a status symbol for teens, they are safer when using their parents’ cars. Statistics show that having to ask parents’ for permission to drive cuts accident risks by 50 percent.

Set good examples for your kids. Drive safely, don’t speed and don’t get angry or upset when someone cuts you off. You’re a role model for your children’s behavior.

Begin educating your children about driving early. As soon as your child can start sitting in the front seat with you while you drive, start explaining actions you take. For example, point out that you drive more slowly to take curves or when weather is bad.

Set clear rules once your teen starts driving. Rules should include no speeding and routine seat belt use. After getting a license, have your teen drive six to 12 months without other passengers in the car. In general, passengers are a distraction. Many states have graduated drivers license laws for teen drivers, such as limits on the number of passengers in the car, seat belts requirements and speeding penalties that are enforced.

Some of the most heart wrenching accidents in Suffolk County our lawyers at Palermo Tuohy Bruno handle involve teen car crashes. As parents, help your teenagers drive safely.