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Because Your Future Starts Today

As long time personal injury attorneys, we’ve seen a lot of wonderful people endure pain and suffering because of an injury someone else has caused them. We have an unparalleled compassion for our clients and true vigor in fighting for their rights. Our success has made us Long Island’s leading Personal Injury Law Firm.
We’re also very dedicated to our community, and we believe in investing in the future. We know that personal injury isn’t the only type of misfortune that can cripple an individual emotionally, physically, or financially. It’s simply unreasonable to say that we’ve all experienced blessed lives. Some of us truly haven’t. We fight hard for our clients, and we take pride in the positive results we’ve obtained for them over the decades.

But what about those individuals who have suffered trials in their lives and have had to put up their own fight to prevail? How are they to find financial stability when trial and tribulation has become an obstacle in the way of their hopes and dreams? We realize that for many who have faced adversity in their lifetimes, it can be truly difficult to persevere.

We believe that those who have taken it upon themselves to overcome life’s adversities and still reach toward their dreams and goals deserve recognition. We feel strongly about this. Which is why we proudly host our year-to-year “Overcoming Adversity Scholarship.” It’s non-exclusive in terms of age, race, religion, or sexual orientation and only requires that participants are enrolled in a 2-4 year college or university.

The participant who can best describe, in 500-1,000 words, a time in their life when they faced adversity and how they overcame that adversity will have $1,500 to use for their college expenses. These funds will increase in the years to come.
Our goal for this scholarship is not simply to help students financially, though. We want to instill self-confidence in those who may lack it due to the adversity they have faced. Not everyone who overcomes adversity takes pride in their triumph. They may not realize the level of commitment they truly possess from simply fighting through trial and tribulation. Fighting through pain and suffering can build character. We want this scholarship to be a reminder of that.
It can be a difficult task to choose a winner after reading so many heartfelt essays from so many deserving individuals. But we encourage anyone who has participated and missed out to try again. After all, some triumphs require multiple endeavors and serious commitment.
If you or someone you love has overcome adversity in their lifetime, is currently in a 2-4 year college and wants to share their experience for a chance at winning our $1,500 scholarship, visit our Scholarship Submissions Page.