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The holidays have become quite the hustle on Long Island. Shopping outlet, plaza and mall parking lots become extremely dangerous for pedestrians this time of year. Around 500 deaths occur each year in parking lots and parking garages, as well as several other injuries. Drivers are rushing from store to store trying to get all their holiday shopping done. They’re making quick maneuvers to find parking spots while pedestrians are walking in each direction. A recent poll conducted by the National Safety Council found that 66% of drivers admit that they are distracted while driving through parking lots. And it’s safe to assume that drivers are even more distracted during the holiday rush. Drivers aren’t the only ones distracted, though – pedestrians are many times distracted while walking through parking lots, usually by their phones. All the rush and distraction become a recipe for disaster.

From the respondents of the poll, 63% set their GPS, 50% send or receive emails, 52% use social media, 49% take photos or watch videos, 43% use their smartphones, 43% search the internet, and 42% video chat all while driving through parking lots. The statistics are shocking. There are, on average, more than 50,000 crashes each year in parking lots, resulting in 500 or more deaths and over 60,000 injuries.

We urge everyone to be more vigilant in parking lots. Don’t let yourself become distracted, whether you’re walking through a parking lot or driving. The repercussions of driving or walking through a busy parking lot while distracted can be devastating. Don’t let the rush get to you either. Always keep attentive and take it slow.

And of course, we wish you the happiest of holidays this year!

It’s a common notion that Summer is the worst time for pedestrian accidents. It’s the time of year that most people are out and about, running and playing with their kids, which causes a spike in pedestrian accidents. But truth is, when it comes to pedestrian accidents, November – or rather – when Fall is in full swing – circumstances can make pedestrian accidents even more abundant. Here are some of the reasons that Fall can be such a bad season for pedestrian accidents:

School Is Back

Since kids are back in school, they’ll be out on the roads every morning and after school gets out. It’s important to remember that children will be walking to and from their bus stops. Increased pedestrian traffic on the road leads to increased pedestrian accidents. Drive slow through neighborhoods and make sure your eyes are glued to the road.


We’ve had some pretty odd weather here in Long Island this Fall. Some days torrential downpour plagues the island – but other days light rain will last up to days. Not only does rain mix with oil on the ground, making roadways slippery, it also reduces a driver’s ability to see when it gets dark. And just because it’s slightly raining doesn’t mean pedestrians aren’t out on the road.


As the leaves begin to fall, the road becomes less clear. There have been days this Fall that downpour has not only covered the streets with rain, but also dead leaves. This can also cause the road to be as slippery as ice. This is another reason it’s important to driver even slower than the speed limit, especially in residential areas.


Both Fall nights and Fall mornings can get really cold, and during the morning hours, fog tends to accumulate in the air – especially on Long Island. And since it accumulates around trees, fog surrounds residential areas. Fog can significantly reduce your ability to see the roadway. It can also condense on your windshield even while you’re driving. Make sure to leave yourself some extra room before you leave for work to wipe down your back and front windshields to increase your visibility of the road.

A common mistake that drivers make when faced with foggy weather is turning their high beams on. Contrary to what some may believe, high beams actually bounce off of the fog and create a glare, making it even harder to see the road. It’s much more prudent to simply drive slower when fog is around in order to avoid pedestrians and other cars on the road.


Temperatures drop dramatically at night during the Fall, especially when we’re headed into Winter. This can cause Frost to accumulate both on the roads and on your car’s back and front windshields. It’s important to give yourself extra time every morning before leaving for work to make sure your car is defrosted. Frost can both drastically reduce your visibility of the road and it can also cause you to spin out if you’re driving too fast, which could lead to a pedestrian accident. Check the weather channel every morning before work to see if roads are icy. Many motor vehicles will warn you about icy conditions. Never take these warning lightly. Black ice can be impossible to see. So, as the weather gets colder, take the extra time in the morning to see how the roads are.

Amityville Pedestrian Accident

According to the Farmingdale Patch on January 5, as 52-year-old Angela DeLeone stepped into the road around 6:55 a.m., she was struck by a car and died. She was walking south on New York State Route 110, South of West Street, which is a major state highway that borders Suffolk County on the west side. The 68-year-old Amityville woman driving the 2013 Hyundai that hit Leone was not injured. Police are investigating the Ammityville pedestrian accident and did not file charges against the driver.
New York State has a high rate of pedestrian accidents and the most recent statistics on record show that 344 pedestrians died in crashes with motor vehicles in 2013.

Who is at fault in pedestrian accidents?
Often drivers are at fault. However, what are your rights and what laws should you know about and abide by as a pedestrian?

SafeNY lists the following as guidelines for pedestrians based on NY law:

Whether you’re a pedestrian or driver, our attorneys at Palermo Tuohy Bruno hope you take safety precautions to avoid accidents.

Woman Killed in Amityville Pedestrian Accident in the early morning hour.a