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The end of August is often dreaded by many kids. With September right around the corner, they only have a couple of weeks to finish their summer projects or get those extra hours of sleep. This time of year can also bring a lot of stress to parents. Whether it be helping their kids gather new supplies or just getting back in the mindset of the school routine, parents want to make sure their kids are ready for the new school year.

Once the new school year begins, you can be sure that the Long Island traffic will get worse. Highways will be filled with a few more college students. Bus routes will frequent the morning and afternoons. Kids and teens will be walking on the sidewalk or riding their bikes and many parents will be dropping off their kids by the entrance. Whether or not you have kids, all drivers need to account for this traffic and take the necessary preparations so that everyone can be safe.

For Parents Driving Their Kids

If you are a parent driving your kid to school, there are a couple of things you can do to make the trip a little safer every day.

For Regular Drivers

It goes without saying that driver’s need to follow all the traffic laws regarding schools and school busses. Even though every driver knows this, these laws are often neglected. Still, one in five children (under 15) who were killed in a traffic accident were pedestrians.

Teach Your Kids Pedestrian Safety

If your son or daughter walks to school every day it is very important that you teach them the proper pedestrian safety so that they can prevent dangerous situations. Distraction is the biggest problem with child pedestrian safety. Statistically, teenagers have a higher risk of getting a fatal pedestrian injury the older they are. The main cause of this involves these teens being distracted while they are walking.

As you probably guessed, the distractions stem from smart phones. Teens can use their smart phones to text, browse social media and listen to music. According to a study at the most common distraction for young pedestrians were wearing their headphones to listen to music, with texting being a close second. It is important that you warn your teenagers of the dangers of being distracted while walking to school.

Children usually aren’t ready to start walking to school without a parent until they are 10. If you plan to let your children walk by themselves when they’re older, it’s a good idea to walk with them to school when they are young so they are familiar with the neighborhood. When they do eventually walk alone, it would be ideal for your child to walk with at least one neighbor or sibling so that they are never alone. It is best to show your child a route that has crossing guards and sidewalks.

We are wishing parents and students alike a safe and productive school year.

It’s that time of year. The students dread it, of course. Unfortunately, some of us dread it too. School buses will be taking over your neighborhood side roads and main roads, school zone speed limits are in effect, and kids are walking and biking to and from school. You have to be cognizant about all of this, as it can directly affect your daily commute and more. The last thing you want is to have to rush to your job every day for ¾ of the year. But the first thing we feel obligated to go over is how to drive safely now that school is in effect, for you, others on the road, and for the children walking to and from school.

Have a Child Going to School Yourself?

When it comes to dropping your kids off at school, safety always comes first – kids get hit by cars more often at school zones than any other locations. That’s a serious reason to follow these tips on back to school safety if you’re dropping your kids off:

We cannot overstate how important it is to recognize the increase of child pedestrians as school starts. Know how to share the road with them safely.

There Will Be Kids Walking – Know How to Safely Share the Road with Them

Kids are much less likely to know how to be safe pedestrians than you are to know how to be a safe driver. It’s your job to take precautions.

Now that we’ve gone over some safety measures you can take to protect yourself and others, let’s go over how you can be smart and safe about getting to work on time, even with back-to-school road congestion.

Think Out Your New Route

You might be used to an easy route out of your neighborhood, onto the main road, and then onto the highway to get to where you need to go. Now that the buses are on the road, you’ll have to reroute your route, both safely and wisely

So, know the extra safety precautions we all must take when school starts next week, and follow them. More and more kids are driving to school. And even though it’s always every driver’s obligation to be safe on the road, the fact remains that these kids may not have as much driving experience as you. Going to sleep a little earlier and adding time to your morning routine so you can safely share the road with school buses is paramount to your safety and the safety of others on the road.
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