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Babylon Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Serving Babylon, NY

babylon motorcycle accident lawyersRiding motorcycles is dangerous. Even if you do everything right, obey all the traffic regulations, and your bike is in immaculate mechanical condition – it only takes a moment of negligence by another road user and your life could be changed forever. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in or around Babylon, then you need to get in touch with a law firm that has experience in handling these cases so that you can be assured of receiving the maximum compensation possible. You need to get in touch with a Babylon motorcycle injury lawyer at Palermo Law.

Why Choose Palermo Law For Your Babylon Motorcycle Accident

We have more than two decades of experience in personal injury law, including motorcycle crashes. That experience means that we have seen all the tricks and loopholes that insurance companies and their legal teams will try to exploit to make sure that you do not receive the money you are due. More than that, it means that we know how to effectively fight back, and ensure that they do not get away with it.

It is our mission as a legal practice to protect you and your interests. To that end, we take care of every phase of your claim: from collecting the relevant evidence from the collision, to reaching out to the other parties and negotiating a settlement in your favor. If we do not feel that the negotiations are working out, we are perfectly happy to take the claim forward in the courts and aggressively advocate for you in front of a judge and jury.

Why Are Motorcycles So Dangerous?

Motorcycles are small, fast, and only have two wheels. This means that they are liable to overbalancing/sliding out when corners are taken too quickly or the road surface is uneven, and they can easily be overlooked by the drivers of other vehicles – meaning that they might attempt to turn, cross lanes, or open their doors, without seeing you there.

The higher risk of a collision on a motorcycle is compounded by the fact that riders are not as well protected as other road users. While a car or truck will have numerous safety features (airbags and seatbelts, for example), the rider only has a helmet and apparel. A crash on a bike can cause significant, even life-changing injuries – the kind of injuries where you may need a sustained absence from work and lengthy medical treatment.

Those costs will quickly mount, which is why it is crucial that you have access to the full compensation that you deserve, as quickly as possible.

Our Approach

Our Babylon motorcycle accident lawyers start all of our client relationships off with a free, no-obligation consultation. This is a chance for you to meet and get to know your injury attorney, and for us to get the specifics of your claim. From there, we will start to build a strategy for getting you your compensation in full, and in a reasonable time frame.

Our team takes all cases on a contingency, or no-win/no-fee basis. This means that if for some reason we are unable to secure you a compensation payment, then you do not have to pay us any money for our services. We can also take on all the upfront and ongoing costs associated with your case, so you never have to worry about coming up with any money to see your claim through to completion.

Get Help for Your Motorcycle Injury Today

The Comparative Fault Law

In New York State, we have what is known as a ‘comparative fault’ law. This means that each party involved in a vehicle collision can be assigned a portion of the total blame for what happened – and your compensation amount will be reduced by the amount of blame that you are allocated.

Essentially, this means that if you and the other driver are equally at fault, then you will only get fifty percent of the total compensation award.

While you may think that it is not worth pursuing your case as the collision was mainly your fault, you could be surprised. In a $1 million compensation case, even if you are 90% to blame, you would still get $100,000 in compensation, so it is always worth discussing the specifics of your claim with an established and experienced Babylon motorcycle accident lawyer.

Talk to a Palermo Law Babylon motorcycle accident lawyer today to find out if you can pursue compensation for your collision.

Accident Compensation

After an accident, it is natural to want to know how much compensation you might be due. There is no fixed figure for a motorcycle crash, as the circumstances and aftermath can vary greatly. We work out how much money we will pursue on your behalf using two different sets of figures:

  1. Your economic expenses, including your medical bills, missed work costs, repairs or replacement of your vehicle and personal belongings
  2. Your pain and suffering costs, which include any ways in which your lifestyle has been affected due to the incident (inability to complete daily tasks, enjoy hobbies or spend time with family, for example)

Assessing the value of pain and suffering is a complex task, but one that we are fully equipped to handle for you. Over the years that we have been involved in these cases, we have learned how jurors respond to accident claims, and how they are likely to reach a compensation figure at trial.

When we have a final amount for what we believe a jury would award you for your situation, we then use this as the basis for all negotiations and, if necessary, litigation – ensuring that you are not taken advantage of by a lowball offer that does not take into account all of the effects of the incident.

Get Started Today

As soon as the insurance companies become aware of your accident, they will start working to delay, diminish, or completely deny any potential compensation. To do this, they have teams of investigators and lawyers who will use any loopholes they can find to get out of paying you – which often includes speaking directly with you.

It is very important that you do not speak with anyone representing the other parties involved in your collision. They may approach you under the pretense of trying to finalize your payments, but they are really trying to get you to say something that means they can apportion more blame to you, or that they can use to make your injuries and emotional distress seem less serious than they really are.

Get in touch with our Babylon motorcycle accident lawyers as soon as you are able to after your crash, and we will take care of all the communications for you – ensuring that you are in a strong position when it comes time to negotiate your compensation.

Reach Out to a Babylon Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Today

Our managing partner, Mr. Steven Palermo, oversees all of our cases. He has personally been involved in personal injury law in and around Babylon for more than two decades and has secured many millions of dollars in total compensation for his clients. Steven’s unique drive and passion for representing individuals against multi-million dollar insurance companies are applied to everything our Babylon motorcycle accident law firm does, so you can be sure that when we take your claim, you are in good hands.