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Babylon No-Fault Accident Attorney

Proficient No-Fault Accident Lawyers Serving in Babylon, NY

babylon no-fault accident attorneys A Palermo Law Babylon No-Fault Accident Attorney has decades of experience in helping the people of Babylon get the compensation they deserve after an automobile accident – and we can help you too.

What is No-Fault Insurance?

Vehicles insured in New York State are legally required to have what is known as ‘no-fault coverage included in the policy. This is a particular part of the coverage that enables an individual who has been injured as the result of a vehicle accident to receive insurance coverage for medical bills and lost wages directly from their own insurance provider – regardless of who is to blame for the accident.

This can have a real impact on your after-accident recovery, as you can gain access to the medical treatment and lost income right from the beginning of your claim, relieving the financial stress and anxiety involved in recovering from an injury.

There is a drawback, however. New York has very firm deadlines for filing this type of claim. Late submission of the full and correct application could mean that you are unable to get any no-fault coverage, leaving you on the hook for all of your medical bills, lost wages and other costs. The deadline is only thirty days from the date of your car crash.

How Palermo Law Can Help

Palermo Law works with you to ensure that your claim is filed correctly, with the right people, and in the appropriate time frame. Our experienced Babylon no-fault accident lawyers will make sure that all of your medical bills and lost wages are paid through your insurance claim as well as taking any other steps that are necessary to claim further compensation where achievable. For example, if another driver is responsible for your car collision, you may be entitled to receive additional compensation above and beyond what no-fault covers. This is known as a bodily injury claim and something that our lawyers can help you with, as well.

The best part? Our team operates on a no-win, no-fee basis and does not charge you for a case consultation. That means you can access an established and skilled legal team for absolutely no money upfront and nothing owed if we fail to win you any compensation.

We will file all of your no-fault insurance claim forms free of charge and will pursue compensation above what that type of claim pays directly from the responsible party’s insurance policy. That additional compensation includes money for your pain and suffering, mental anguish and loss of enjoyment of life.

Situations Where You Can File a Claim Through No-Fault Insurance?

Accidents that are eligible for a no-fault insurance commonly include:

  • When you were the driver or passenger in a car accident
  • You were walking and a vehicle hit you
  • You were on a bicycle and a vehicle hit you
  • You were on a bus when it was involved in an accident

The truth is, there are a lot of situations that are eligible for this type of claim. To find out if your case qualifies, get in touch with Palermo Law to arrange your 100% free case consultation today with one of our Babylon no-fault accident lawyers.

What is Covered by No-Fault Insurance?

All no-fault insurance in New York covers the first fifty thousand dollars of medical treatment and lost wage expenses that you incur due to the accident. Some insurance policies have higher amounts available for no-fault claims, but fifty thousand dollars is the minimum allowable.

You can use that coverage for:

  • Medical costs
  • Lost wages
  • Home help while you recover
  • Additional expenses (such as travel costs incurred while seeking medical support)

What are the No-Fault Insurance Deadlines?

The key deadline that applies to all car accidents is the thirty-day rule: from the time of your accident, you have thirty days to file an application with the proper no-fault insurance company.
This can be more complicated than it seems, as finding out who the appropriate insurance company to file with is not always straightforward.
As a typical guide:

  • If you were in a car (as driver or passenger), you need to file a no-fault claim with the insurer that covers the vehicle you were in – no matter who was responsible for the accident.
  • If you were a pedestrian, bicyclist, or on a scooter, then you need to file your claim with the company that insures the vehicle that hit you – no matter who is responsible for the accident.
  • If you were riding the bus, then you should claim with your own household vehicle insurer carrier.

Your situation may require you to claim with more than one insurance company. For example – if your injuries are particularly severe and you were a pedestrian, filing with both the vehicle insurer that struck you and your own household vehicle carrier could enable you to access more than the $50,000 the primary no-fault insurer is liable for if your household vehicle has higher limits. In that situation, the insurance company of the vehicle that struck you would be your primary source of no-fault and your household vehicle’s insurance carrier would be secondary.

Do You Need a Babylon No-Fault Lawyer?

In some cases you can file the claim by yourself, without the help of a lawyer. It is worth considering, however, that these cases can rapidly become complicated – and the smallest error or missed detail could end up costing you thousands of dollars in missed compensation or even make you ineligible to pursue a claim at all.

Contact A Babylon No-Fault Accident Lawyer

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You can also call us 24/7, and we can even meet you at your home, office, or hospital room if you prefer. Consultations are available in the evenings and at weekends by request – just let us know when is best for you. Reach out today.