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Long Island Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Skilled Catastrophic Injury Attorneys Serving Long Island, NY

long island catastrophic injury accident lawyersThere are numerous types of catastrophic injuries that can drastically change one’s quality of life. Head trauma, significant damage to/or loss of one or more limbs, damage to the eyes or other organs, spinal cord injuries, foot injuries, back injuries, severe burns, neurological damage that can lead to paralysis, paraplegia, or quadriplegia – these are considered catastrophic injuries if they render a disability to perform normal daily activities such as work.  There are many types of accidents that can lead to catastrophic injuries including but not limited to: motor vehicle accidents, construction accidents, assaults and premises liability accidents. Pursuing a personal injury claim for a catastrophic injury requires a skilled Long Island Catastrophic Injury Lawyer that is familiar with that type of case. Palermo Law is a Long Island Personal Injury Law Firm dedicated to representing individuals that have suffered catastrophic injuries as a result of another’s negligent actions.

When to consult with a Long Island Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

If you have suffered catastrophic injuries in Suffolk County, Long Island from a car accident, it is a good idea to consult with a car accident attorney as soon as possible. Hiring an attorney early on in the process will help protect your legal rights, ensure your medical bills and lost wages are paid and give you an advantage building a strong personal injury case. An early investigation will also help preserve key evidence in your case.

Important deadlines to know for your personal injury case:

Medical bills and lost wages are paid through no-fault insurance. All no-fault insurance carriers require a no-fault application be filed within thirty days. Failing to do so may result in denial of your no-fault benefits and may make you personally responsible for the bills.

In car accident cases there is generally a three-year statute of limitations to initiate a lawsuit. However, that time period may be reduced to as little as 90 days if your car accident involves a municipal, state or federal entity. So, it’s best to check with a qualified car accident attorney as soon as possible.

How Much Is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

The value of an injury suffered is an accumulation of several different factors. These include any accident related economic expenses such as lost wages and damage to your car as well as non-economic losses such as pain and suffering and mental anguish. At Palermo Law, our experience in handling thousands of car accident cases allows us to accurately assess the value of your case to determine the fairest settlement or jury award. In cases of long-term injuries, we partner with experts in the fields of medicine and economics to make sure that your compensation is adjusted for future inflation. This allows you the peace of mind knowing that you will be compensated for years to come.

Catastrophic Injuries FAQs In Long Island, NY

What is Considered a Catastrophic Injury?

There are a number of types of catastrophic injuries a person can experience. What defines them as catastrophic are the drastic impact it can have on a person’s quality of life. This includes head trauma, damage to/or loss of a limb, damage to the eyes or other organs, spinal cord injuries, foot injuries, back injuries, severe burns, and neurological damage such as paralysis, paraplegia, or quadriplegia.

When someone experiences a catastrophic injury, it can make every aspect of everyday living more difficult. For many, a catastrophic injury can make someone permanently unable to work.

What is New York’s Serious Injury Threshold?

While any injury from an accident can completely disrupt your life, New York has a statute called the “Serious Injury” Threshold that determines whether or not a person is able to file a personal injury claim. Here is what the State of New York considers to be a serious injury:

  • Death
  • Dismemberment
  • Significant disfigurement
  • Fracture
  • Loss of fetus
  • Permanent loss of use of body organ, member, function or system
  • Permanent consequential limitation of use of a body organ or member
  • Significant limitation of use of a body function or system
  • Medically determined injury or impairment of a non-permanent nature which prevents the injured person from performing substantially all of the material acts which constitute such person’s usual and customary daily activities for not less than ninety days during the one hundred eighty days immediately following the occurrence of the injury or impairment

A catastrophic injury is defined by the way it impairs a person’s daily activities. This means that a catastrophic injury does fall under this category, and a personal injury claim can and should be made. Therefore, it is a good idea to get a free consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney so you can begin the process to recover full losses.

What if I Got A Catastrophic Injury On Someone Else’s Property?

First, Seek Medical Attention. It’s important to do this right away, as well as document your injuries and begin the appropriate treatment.

Second, document the condition that caused the injury. Take a picture of whatever it was that made you fall, whether it be a crack on a walkway or a slippery floor. Also take pictures of the scene. The goal is to make it clear in the photo where you were when you fell.

Third, collect the names of any witnesses and their contact information. Often, people will stay around and offer to help. Ask for their contact information right away because once they leave the scene of the accident their identity may be lost forever.

Finally, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer right away. Insurance company representatives will try to get statements from you to protect their own liability. Make sure you have a qualified premises liability attorney representing you to ensure that these companies do not minimize the compensation owed to you.

What if my Catastrophic Injury Was From a Car Accident?

First, call 911 and seek immediate medical attention. Use your eyes to judge the severity of any injuries over how you feel. The adrenaline from the accident may serve as a painkiller, and the pain from an injury may take time to develop.

Second, gather the contact information for any witnesses. Don’t rely on the police to do this as they often do not do it right and witnesses are lost.

Third, contact your insurance carrier to report the accident. Since New York is a no-fault state, it is your insurance carrier that will be paying for any medical treatment and lost wages even if the accident is not your fault. Keep in mind that you only have 30 days to complete a no-fault application.

Finally, if your catastrophic injuries are as a result of someone else’s driving, you should call our Suffolk County car accident law firm right away. This will not only protect your legal rights, it will also make your life easier as we handle all no-fault and property damage issues for you while we fight to get you the most compensation possible this way you can concentrate on your recovery.

What does it cost to hire your Suffolk County Catastrophic Injury Law Firm?

There is absolutely no cost to hire our law firm. We work on a contingency basis. That means that if we are not able to win your case there is no charge. If we are successful in winning your case, we earn a fee of 1/3 of the recovery for your bodily injury claim. We never charge additional fees for handling No-Fault and property damage issues. We also will lay out all of the litigation expenses in the case. This way there is no financial risk to you.

Finally, we always offer a free initial consultation at any of our six locations throughout Suffolk and Nassau Counties. Further, we offer in home or hospital initial consultations for our Suffolk and Nassau County Catastrophic Injury Clients. It is always our goal to be the best personal injury law firm in Suffolk County and Nassau County. Therefore, we’re always willing to go the extra mile for our clients.

Why Hire Palermo Law?

  • We always offer a free no obligation consultation.
  • We never charge a fee unless we win your case.
  • We provide personal one on one attention to every client.
  • We handle all no-fault insurance communications and paperwork for you free of charge.
  • We have over two decades of experience litigating car accident cases on Long Island.
  • We have obtained numerous million dollar verdicts and settlements for our clients.

Service We perform

  • Identifying all potential sources of recover including no-fault insurance limits and all bodily injury insurance limits.
  • Complete investigative services including gathering of all relevant documentation such as accident reports and witness statements, medical records and reports. We often engage the help of experts in the field of accident reconstruction, medicine and economics to help support your claim.
  • We will handle all no-fault insurance communications and paper work free of charge.
  • We litigate your case. If your case cannot be settled we will litigate it in court. It is always our goal to obtain fair compensation for our clients without the need for trial. But rest assured, if your case does not settle we will be prepared to take your case to trial.

About Our Suffolk County Car Accident Law Firm

Palermo Law was founded in 1994 as a general practice. In 1997, Steven Palermo joined the firm and by the early 2000’s the law firm shifted it’s primary focus to personal injury law. Steven Palermo focuses his entire practice on Personal injury law, with a large majority of those cases being Suffolk County car accidents. He personally oversees every car accident case that the firm handles. He brings to each case over twenty years of experience, numerous successful trial verdicts and a passion for helping Suffolk County car accident victims in their fight for justice against large insurance companies.

While Steven and his team are proud of their record of achievements in the court room, they are equally excited about how their clients feel about their experiences with the law firm. The firm has over two hundred positive reviews from former clients on various websites such as Google,, Avvo and Facebook. Palermo Law takes particular pride in the fact that they have some of the best reviews in Suffolk County. If you would like to set up an appointment for a free initial no obligation consultation with an experienced Suffolk County car accident attorney, feel free to call today.

Trial Ready Strategy

Most personal injury lawsuits are settled out of court at some point before a trial. Many personal injury law firms on Long Island don’t fully prepare their cases for trial when anticipating a settlement. This weakens their position when it comes time to negotiating a settlement. At Palermo Law, we always fully prepare every case as if it is going to trial. This level of preparation gives us the leverage to negotiate the highest possible compensation for our clients and puts us in a strong position should a trial become necessary.

Focused on Helping the Injured

We realize that being really well versed in any one area of law takes focus. Personal injury law is no exception. That’s why our Long Island personal injury lawyers only handle personal injury cases. Steven Palermo, our managing partner, has been exclusively handling personal injury cases for the last two decades. We handle all types of personal injury cases for the injured, including car accidents, slip and falls and work related accidents. We have never represented an insurance company and never will. We do what we do because we love helping people.

Free Consultation

We offer every potential personal injury client a free, no obligation consultation at any of our five locations throughout Long Island. During the consultation, we will discuss your case in detail and give you our opinion on the chances of success. We will also discuss our potential strategy and our process for handling your case. If after fully discussing your case we feel it is a good fit for our Long Island Personal Injury law firm, we will discuss our fees and give you the option of moving forward with us as your lawyers.

Reach Out to a Long Island Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

We have litigated hundreds of accident cases over the last two decades. As a result, we’ve become very proficient in handling all aspects of accident litigation including no-fault and property damage claims. We know all the ins and outs of Long Island accident claims and will use our experience to make sure you receive full compensation. We handle all Suffolk county accident cases on a contingency basis. This means we never charge an upfront fee and only get paid if we win your case. Contact a Palermo Law attorney for help with your case.