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Ronkonkoma Car Accident Lawyer

Skilled Auto Accident Attorneys Serving Ronkonkoma Injured Victims

Being injured in a car crash can cause significant upheaval in your life. You may be faced with painful injuries, medical bills, lost income, damage to your vehicle, and more. If you should find yourself in this unfortunate position, our Ronkonkoma car accident lawyers can help. We have been representing members of the Ronkonkoma community for over two decades. We have helped hundreds of people get their life back on track and get compensated for their losses.

Our Ronkonkoma car accident attorneys always offer free consultations and work on a purely contingent basis, meaning that we only charge a fee if we win your car collision case. We have six locations throughout Long Island and two offices in close proximity to Ronkonkoma, in Hauppauge and Patchogue. We offer evening and weekend appointments and can even come to your location if you are unable to travel to us.

Injured in a Car Accident in Ronkonkoma? You May Be Entitled To Financial Compensation Following Your Car Accident

While everyone is automatically entitled to no-fault benefits following a car collision, not everyone is entitled to additional compensation. In order to qualify for compensation following a motor vehicle collision it must be proven that someone else is at fault for the collision and that you suffered a serious injury as a result of the incident. The Law defines what is considered a serious injury.

One of the following injuries must be established to meet the threshold for serious injury:

  • Death
  • Dismemberment
  • A significant disfigurement
  • A fracture
  • The loss of a fetus
  • Permanent loss of use of a body organ, member, function, or system
  • Permanent consequential limitation of use of a body organ or member
  • Significant limitation of use of a body function or system
  • A “medically determined injury or impairment of a non-permanent nature which prevents the injured person from performing substantially all of the material acts which constitute such person’s usual and customary daily activities for not less than 90 days during the 180 days immediately following the occurrence of the injury or impairment.”

While some of the injuries noted in the law are fairly simple to understand others are not so straightforward. The best way to see if you have an injury that entitles you to additional compensation above what your no-fault insurance pays, you should speak to one of our lawyers. We can evaluate your medical records and see if you have an injury likely to entitle you to receive a settlement.

Important Deadlines To Be Aware Of Following Your Car Collision

Following a car crash, there are several deadlines that you should be aware of in order to make sure your rights are protected. The first deadline you face following a car wreck is the time to file your no-fault application. In New York, you are given only thirty days from your car accident to file a no-fault application in order to get your medical bills and lost wages paid.

The next deadline to keep in mind is the statute of limitations. In our state, you are generally given three years to file a lawsuit for a motor vehicle crash with personal injuries. If there is a fatality, the deadline to file a lawsuit for wrongful death is two years. However, if your car crash involves a municipal defendant or governmental agency, your statute of limitations is reduced to 90 days.

It’s important to know that it’s not always clear if you’ve been involved in a collision with a defendant that has a short statute of limitations. So, it’s always best to consult with one of our Ronkonkoma car accident lawyers right away. We will do a full investigation into the facts of your situation to make sure that all statutes are complied with and that your right to pursue a financial recovery is not jeopardized.

Recovering from a Car Accident – Important Points

No-Fault Benefits Will Cover Many Of Your Car Accident Expenses

All car insurance policies issued in this state include no-fault coverage. That means if you are injured in a car crash all of your medical bills will be covered by the motor vehicle insurance company of the vehicle you were in at the time of your car collision regardless of whose fault the car crash was. No fault will also pay you for lost wages up to two thousand dollars a month.

However, in order to qualify for no-fault benefits you must complete a no-fault application with the proper insurance company within the first thirty days of your car crash. If you fail to submit the application within that time frame, the insurance carrier can deny your benefits leaving you stuck paying the bills. Our lawyers are fully familiar with no-fault and will complete all of your no-fault paperwork for you. We do this to ensure that your application is processed timely and your bills are paid by your insurance carrier.

Types Of Damages That You Are Entitled To Be Reimbursed For Following A Car Crash

The purpose of a lawsuit is to reimburse you for your losses following a car wreck. There are two types of damages that you are commonly entitled to receive following a car crash, economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages are the types of losses that actually cost you money. For example, medical bills lost wages, and out-of-pocket costs are all considered economic damages. Non-economic damages are more speculative and include items such as pain and suffering, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment of life.

Our Ronkonkoma car accident attorneys are experienced in identifying all possible damages that you may be entitled to and maximizing your recovery. Give us a call to see what types of damages we can recover for you.

Who will pay my medical bills and lost wages once no-fault coverage is exhausted?

If you should suffer a serious injury in a car accident, it is possible that your no-fault insurance will not be sufficient to cover all of your accident-related expenses. If this should be the case, there are other options to get coverage for these expenses.

Once no-fault is exhausted, any additional medical bills should be submitted to your private health insurance carrier. If you are a Medicare or Medicaid recipient, your medical bills should be submitted to those agencies.

In certain situations, your private health insurance will be entitled to reimbursement for any costs related to your accident should there be a recovery. Medicare and Medicaid are always entitled to reimbursement for any expenses they incur should you receive a recovery for your accident.

When no-fault insurance is exhausted, there are several possible ways to receive lost wages. First, most private disability policies will cover your lost wages following a car accident. Second, if you are disabled for more than twelve consecutive months, you can apply for Social Security Disability. Finally, you can include any lost wage claim in your bodily injury claim against the responsible party’s car insurance policy. Unfortunately, this will mean that you will have to wait until your claim is resolved to receive your lost wages.

Why Hire Palermo Law?

  • We always offer a free, no-obligation consultation
  • We never charge you a fee unless we win your case
  • We provide personal, one-to-one attention to every client
  • We handle all no-fault insurance communications and paperwork for you, free of charge
  • We have over two decades of experience in litigating car accident cases in Hauppauge
  • We have won numerous million-dollar verdicts and settlements for our clients

About our Ronkonkoma car accident law firm

Palermo Law was founded as a criminal defense practice in 1994. Three years later, Mr. Steven Palermo joined the firm and began to shift the focus to personal injury law, with a focus in car accidents. Currently, Palermo Law has five offices across Suffolk County: Hauppauge, Huntington, Patchogue, Riverhead, and Babylon, as well as an office in Garden City, Nassau County.

Throughout our decades of practicing law, we have worked on behalf of hundreds of car accident victims. We are extremely proud of the work that we do, and the compensation that we have won on behalf of our clients – compensation totaling millions of dollars through both out-of-court settlements and in trials. That is not the only thing that we are proud of though: we also work hard to ensure that we maintain the high levels of client service and satisfaction that have resulted in so many five-star reviews on websites that include, Google, Yelp, Facebook, and Avvo.

Our managing partner Steven Palermo has litigated hundreds of car accident cases and is an assured, confident trial attorney known for his passionate representation for his clients. Steven is always willing to fight for what he believes is right, and is an aggressive litigator more than ready to go to battle on behalf of every single client that engages our services.

In support of Mr. Palermo, our skilled and talented associate attorneys and administrative staff work diligently to obtain the evidence needed to win your case. In all, the team at Palermo Law has over a hundred years of combined experience in handling car accident cases – all of which is thrown fully behind each client. Rest assured – Palermo Law is the law firm that can and will get you the results that you deserve.

True Ronkonkoma Car Accident Lawyers

Unlike some other law firms, we are truly local lawyers. We have six offices on Long Island including two within a few miles of the heart of Ronkonkoma. Our lawyers have been representing members of the Ronkonkoma community for over two decades. Our managing partner, Steven Palermo was born and raised right here on Long Island and been practicing in the local courts for his entire twenty-two-year career. He has tried numerous car collision cases and understands how our jurors think and react to car accident claims. As a result, our Ronkonkoma car accident law firm has had some tremendous successes. We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients including several million-dollar settlements and verdicts.

Our Services


Our team works to find every possible source of financial recovery available to you, including the responsible party’s bodily injury insurance policy, excess, and any other policy coverage.


We identify and corroborate all of the facts pertinent to your cases – including reaching out to any eye-witnesses to obtain statements and gathering all of the documents from the accident site (accident reports, photographs, videos, etc.). Where necessary, we will engage our trusted partners to reconstruct the accident to prove your case.


As well as negotiating with the responsible party’s insurance company and getting you the maximum available payout, we will also maintain lines of communication with them to ensure that all of your medical bills and lost wages are paid to you.


If and when the time comes to appear before the courts, we will ensure that you and your case are fully prepared for the process, and we will provide you with strong and skilled representation.


At some point, there will either be an acceptable settlement offer or a trial. If a favorable settlement can be reached, we will draft all of the needed paperwork and obtain the settlement funds on your behalf and disburse them to you accordingly. If the insurance company refuses to take responsibility for its insured’s actions, it may become necessary to have a trial. In those situations, we will be ready to present all evidence on your behalf and fight to obtain the compensation that you are entitled to

Contact a Ronkonkoma Car Accident Attorney at Palermo Law, P.L.L.C For Legal Guidance

We offer every potential client a free initial no-obligation consultation. At that meeting, we will explain the car accident laws and determine if you have a case that we can help you with. If we feel your case is a good fit for our law firm, we will discuss our process for handling car accident claims and also our fees for our services. If you decide you want to move forward with us as your lawyers, we will start working on your case right away.