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Huntington Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Skilled Bicycle Accident Attorneys in Huntington, NY

huntington bicycle accident lawyersHuntington is a vibrant Long Island community, well-known for its vast neighborhoods, lively Main Street and many parks. Among its streets and bustling village, New York Avenue stands out as a hub of activity, having a high volume of both cars and bicyclists daily. When there is a high amount of cyclists sharing the road with motorists, bicycle accidents can become an unfortunate reality. It is crucial for both cyclists and drivers to be aware of the dangers and legal implications of bicycle accidents. At Palermo Law, we have a Huntington Bicycle Accident Lawyer who understands the unique challenges bicyclists face, and we are committed to helping those who have been injured in bicycle accidents seek justice and compensation.

What Drivers Fail to Do That Causes Bicycle Accidents:

Bicycle accidents often result from a combination of factors, with driver negligence being a significant contributing factor. When drivers fail to take the necessary precautions and engage in responsible driving behaviors, they put bicyclists at risk. Some common driver errors that lead to bicycle accidents include:

  1. Failure to Yield Right of Way: Many drivers fail to yield the right of way to cyclists at intersections, crosswalks, or during lane changes. This often leads to dangerous collisions and accidents, resulting in severe injuries for cyclists.
  2. Distracted Driving: The use of mobile phones and other distractions behind the wheel is a growing concern. Drivers who are not paying full attention to the road are more likely to overlook cyclists and make sudden maneuvers that endanger them.
  3. Speeding: Excessive speed reduces a driver’s reaction time and increases the severity of accidents. When drivers exceed the speed limit, they may not be able to stop or swerve in time to avoid a collision with a cyclist.
  4. Unsafe Passing: Some drivers pass cyclists without giving them enough space. This not only increases the risk of side-swiping but can also lead to cyclists losing control and falling.
  5. Failure to Check Blind Spots: Failing to check blind spots and mirrors before changing lanes can lead to drivers merging into the path of a cyclist, causing a collision.
  6. Running Red Lights and Stop Signs: Drivers who disregard traffic signals and signs can cause T-bone or head-on collisions with cyclists at intersections, leading to serious injuries.
  7. Dooring Accidents: In areas like Huntington, where parallel parking is common, drivers can inadvertently open their car doors into the path of an oncoming cyclist, resulting in accidents and injuries.

At Palermo Law, we are well-versed in the complexities of bicycle accident cases, and we understand the devastating consequences that such accidents can have on the lives of victims. Our experienced team of attorneys is dedicated to helping injured cyclists pursue the compensation they deserve.

How Palermo Law Can Assist You

If you or a loved one has been injured in a bicycle accident due to a driver’s negligence, you don’t have to face the challenges alone. At Palermo Law, we are committed to seeking justice on your behalf. Our professional legal team offers the following services to help you navigate the legal process:

  1. Legal Consultation: We provide a free initial consultation to discuss your case and evaluate its merits. We will help you understand your legal rights and options.
  2. Investigation: Our team will conduct a thorough investigation into your bicycle accident to gather evidence, including witness statements, accident reports, and any available surveillance footage.
  3. Negotiation: We will negotiate with insurance companies and the at-fault party to seek a fair and just settlement for your injuries and damages. Our goal is to maximize your compensation.
  4. Litigation: If necessary, we are prepared to take your case to court and represent your interests in litigation. We have a strong track record of successful litigation in bicycle accident cases.
  5. Compassionate Support: We understand the physical, emotional, and financial toll that bicycle accidents can take on victims and their families. We provide compassionate support throughout the legal process.

Types of Injuries Resulting from Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents can lead to a wide range of injuries, some of which can be severe and life-altering. Cyclists are particularly vulnerable to injury due to the limited protection they have compared to drivers of motor vehicles. At Palermo Law, we understand the physical and emotional trauma that can result from bicycle accidents, and we are committed to helping victims recover and seek compensation for their injuries. Here are some common types of injuries that can occur in bicycle accidents:

  • Head Injuries: Head injuries are among the most serious consequences of bicycle accidents. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), concussions, and skull fractures can occur if a cyclist’s head comes into direct contact with the ground, a vehicle, or other objects. Wearing a properly fitted helmet can significantly reduce the risk of head injuries.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries: High-impact bicycle accidents can result in spinal cord injuries, which may cause partial or complete paralysis. These injuries can have a lasting impact on a victim’s mobility and quality of life.
  • Fractures and Broken Bones: Cyclists can suffer fractures and broken bones in various parts of the body, including the arms, legs, ribs, and collarbones. These injuries often require surgical intervention and extended periods of recovery.
  • Soft Tissue Injuries: Soft tissue injuries, such as sprains, strains, and contusions, are common in bicycle accidents. These injuries can cause pain and discomfort and may lead to chronic conditions if not treated promptly.
  • Road Rash: When a cyclist is thrown from their bicycle and slides across the pavement, they can suffer road rash. This painful injury involves abrasions and lacerations to the skin and can result in infection and scarring if not treated properly.
  • Internal Injuries: The impact from a bicycle accident can cause internal injuries, including organ damage and internal bleeding. These injuries may not be immediately visible but can be life-threatening if left untreated.
  • Dental Injuries: Bicycle accidents can lead to dental injuries, such as chipped or broken teeth. Victims may require dental procedures and ongoing dental care to address these issues.
  • Emotional and Psychological Trauma: In addition to physical injuries, bicycle accidents can cause emotional and psychological trauma. Victims may experience anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other mental health issues as a result of the accident.
  • Death: In the most tragic cases, bicycle accidents can be fatal. Families who lose a loved one in a bicycle accident may be entitled to file a wrongful death claim to seek compensation for their loss.

It’s important to note that the severity of injuries resulting from a bicycle accident can vary widely, and the long-term effects may be significant. Prompt medical attention and thorough evaluation of injuries are crucial in ensuring the best possible recovery and legal recourse.

Reach Out to a Huntington Bicycle Accident Lawyer Today

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a bicycle accident, Palermo Law is here to help. Our experienced Huntington Personal Injury attorneys are dedicated to advocating for the rights of injured cyclists and seeking the compensation they deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation, and let us guide you through the legal process towards a brighter, more secure future. We are committed to making Huntington’s roads safer for all, one case at a time.